type: documentation, design
date: 2000-2001
for: University of Leuven, R. Lemaire Centre for Conservation
collaborators: Yael Alef, Kinga Kalocsai, Shikun Liang, Steven van den Bergh

The first city-wall of Brussels dates first half 13th century and measured approximately 4km in length. Its trace is well known although only 5% of this stone wall is left. The Pleban tower is one of the 4 remaining towers. Its name refers to the historical presence of clergymen from the nearby St. Gudule and Michael church. Today the tower is still private property, located in the dean’s backyard.

A proposal for conservation was made, including semi-public accessibility. The pencil drawing shows the architectural quality of the city wall with the remaining tower and 6 arches of the adjacent rampart. The profile of the Treurenberg Gate, demolished in 1760, is made visible in the street pavement.

Download a detailed fact sheet: pleban.pdf